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About the Club

The Cuyahoga Valley S Gauge Association (CVSGA) is the oldest S Gauge Model Railroad Club in Ohio.  Founded by a small group of enthusiasts in the Cleveland area, the club grew to include all of Northeast Ohio and parts of Central Ohio.  It is a diverse group dedicated to 1:64 scale model railroading with interests in tinplate (American Flyer ), hi-rail, and scale that are all commonly referred to as S gauge.  With their diverse specialties, members come together to share their ideas, experience, and knowledge of model railroading with one another.


The Function of the Club

 The primary function of the CVSGA is to share and promote the fun of 1:64 scale model trains.  To help in this function, the club operates and maintains two portable layouts that are taken to the various local train shows in Northeast Ohio.  These layouts help to create an awareness of S gauge and S scale model trains.  Answers to questions from show attendees about S gauge are provided by the many knowledgeable club members that are always present with the layouts.  Anyone with an interest in S gauge model trains is encouraged to join the club to help promote model railroading in 1:64 scale.

Club Meetings

 Meetings are held at the homes of club members (on a volunteer basis),  at a restaurant, or other venues on the third Sunday of the month, except for one month during the summer and December.  The club has a summer outing at either the Northeast Ohio Live Steamers facility in Medina or the Lake shore Live Steamer in Lake County.  December is when the club holds its annual Christmas Party at a local restaurant that is usually train themed or is within eyeshot of local railroad tracks for added interest.

What is "S"

 "S" is modeling in 1:64th scale where one foot represents 64 feet in real life and 3/16 of an inch represents one scale foot. When comparing to other scales, S falls directly between "O'" at 1:43 scale and HO" at 1:87 scale. It combines the best qualities of those two sizes by being small enough to allow for an interesting model railroad in a reasonably sized area, yet large enough to provide excellent detail.

The History of S

The use of 1:64 scale in scratch building model trains, although crude by todays standards, dates back to 1896. Actual working models began to appear in England in the early part of the 20th century.  CD Models Company of Cleveland, Ohio began to manufacture 1:64 scale model trains in the 1930s and called it CD scale.  The NMRA adopted the scale in 1943 and named it S scale.   

  The A. C. Gilbert Company popularized "S" Gauge after World War II when it began to mass-produce S Gauge trains under the famous American Flyer brand name. When the Gilbert Company went out of business in 1966, devoted "S" Gauge enthusiasts picked up the banner and kept the scale alive. Today, there are numerous producers of "S" gauge and S scale products with three major manufacturers of S gauge trains: Lionel (American Flyer ), American Models, and Scale Trains Inc. (formerly S Helper Service & MTH).

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