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For Sale

Items listed below are for sell by our members.

 600 series freight cars for sale

  605 log car excellent $30.00
  607 work caboose excellent $30.00
  625g gulf tank car good $20.00
  625 shell tank car t $25.00
  629 mp stock car excellent $25.00
  632 lv hopper excellent $15.00
  634 searchlight car yellow floodlight excellent $35.00
  634 searchlight car silver floodlight excellent $25.00
  637 mkt box car excellent $25.00
  642 seaboard boxcar $20.00
  642 afl box car $15.00 each have 2
  639 afl boxcar $15.00 each have 2
  650 new haven passenger car green excellent $30.00
  651 new haven baggage car green excellent $30.00
  42597 log car cnw excellent $25.00
  42597 girder car good $25.00

contact Ken Vendlinger at 440-943-4482


for printable list, click HERE 

S Spree 2013 Tank Car
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CVSGA is not responsible for conditions of items being sold. All negotiations are between the seller and the buyer.  
CVSGA. will not get involved in mediating any disputes that may arise between buyers and sellers.
CVSGA cannot vouch for the accuracy of items posted here.